Recording - $50/hr (includes setup, mics, gear use, engineer)

Production - $50/hr (songwriting, arrangement, effects, guidance) 

Mixing - $100/ per song (includes 2 revisions, streaming ready)

Rehearsal - $30/hr in Studio A (4hr minimum, drums and piano included)

                      $250/10hr block in Studio A (drums and piano included)

  $60/3hr block in Studio B (no instruments included)  

Lessons - 

More services coming soon. Get in touch! We'd love to hear from you.

Gear List -

24 Track Toft ATB mixing console

iMac w/ Apple Logic Pro + assorted plugins, Amplitube 5, Adobe Creative Suite

Tascam 12 track interface

TEAC Model 5 8 track mixer

Yamaha NS-7 monitors

Otari 8 track tape deck

Scully 1track tape deck

Universal Audio 6176 tube preamp and compressor

EQP - KT Pultec style EQ

Microphones - 

Mojave MA1000 Tube LD Condenser

FET LD Condenser

Mojave MA-D Dynamic

Shure Beta 57 Dynamic

Shure SM57 Dynamic x3

Shure Unisphere 1 Dynamic

Shure 520DX Dynamic

Audix OM-2 Dynamic

Sennheiser e609 Dynamic

Elecrtrovoice 664 Dynamic x2

Electrovoice 665 Dynamic x2

Rode NT-2 SD Condenser x2

AKG C214 LD Condenser

Assorted LD Condensers

Assorted SD Condensers

Assorted Dynamics

Assorted Vintage Mics

Instruments -

Kohler & Campbell Spinet Piano

Casio 88-key fully weighted Midi Piano

Vintage Pearl Mahogany shell 22/14/12 drum kit

Snare Drums- Ludwig Acrolite, Ludwig Rocker, Pearl steel shell, Pearl mahogany shell

Assorted Zildjian cymbals

Assorted percussion instruments

Precision Bass Guitar

Fender Stratocaster Guitar

Telecaster Guitar

Gibson Les Paul Guitar

Epiphone 335 Guitar

Epiphone SG Guitar

Epiphone Flying V Guitar

Danelectro Hodad Guitar

Martin 000 acoustic Guitar

Recording King Acoustic Guitar

Amps + Pedals

Fender Vibratone

Univox 1226 60W tube amplifier

Univox 1246 60W amp tube amplifier

Elk Custom Amp 30 18W tube amplifier

Epiphone Valve Junior 5W tube amplifier

Epiphone Valve Junior 10W tube amplifier (modded)

AIMS Vocal Sonic 100W tube amplifier

Orange 1x12 Vintage 30 speaker cabinet

Fender 2x12 speaker cabinet

Ampeg 4x12 V4 speaker cabinet

Epiphone 1x12 Weber speaker cabinet

Elk 2x10 alnico speaker cabinet

Univox 6x10 speaker cabinet

Hartke 1x15 speaker cabinet

Vintage 1x12 full range speaker cabinet