Build Your Own Pedal Class

Love guitar pedals? We do!

This beginner electronics class will provide the tools and knowledge to build your own custom guitar pedal! 

So far we have released two designs based off of classic circuits. Our first was the Chapel Fuzz, which is a modified Fuzz Face with socketed transistors, loads of volume and very low noise. The second is the Chapel Distortion that comes from the classic DOD250/MXR Distortion+ with a socketed op-amp and diodes. Our newest pedal is a transparent boost with selectable frequency range. Each pedal has your choice of knobs and led colors. These pedals are not for sale anywhere and only available through our classes!

Taught by Nick Rogers of dirty haggard audio. Nick Rogers is an audio engineer, gear freak, and precision audio technician building the pedals he wanted to play. Co-teacher Brian Vierra will assist.

Here are some details about our classes

We are located in Milwaukie, OR at 4117 SE Harrison St. 

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