Chapel Recording was started  by Brian Vierra and Barry Brusseau at the tail end of 2021. We are located in the Chapel Theater Annex (next door to the Chapel Theater) in Milwaukie, OR. 

 Brian is a guitar player, singer, bass player, drummer, vinyl collector, show go-er, gear nerd, and production geek who has been involved with music his whole life. He has toured the country, written and recorded songs, been in many bands, and seen too many shows to count. His taste in music is very diverse with a penchant for rock n' roll, blues, jazz, funk, heavy metal, old country, and soul. 

 Barry is a Portland music veteran who has the stories to back it up. He has been operating Gorbie Lathe Cuts since 2017 where he creates short run music duplication on a 1940's Presto 8c vinyl record lathe. His analog love knows no bounds and is always on the hunt for that strange old piece of music gear. He is also a singer/songwriter/performer and has a heavy band called Grand Head.

Brian and Barry are excited to hear your ideas and help play a part in your musical journey!

In addition to recording, we will be hosting music related events, concerts, instruction, and more. We have a lot of fun stuff in the works!

Artists we've worked with

Jenny Don't and The Spurs - J. Graves - Time Rift - CodeZ66 - Alcoholic Werewolf - Dead Hollows - Dustin Fuentes - Scott White 

- St. Even - Jake Kelly - Josh Pinkston - Vierra's Gold - Grand Head - Teeth For Eyes -